Top 5 Snack Places to Eat in Pigeon Forge at The Island

frozen yogurt with fruit
Aug 12, 2019

Don’t go hungry while you’re shopping or playing at The Island! There are so many snack places to eat in Pigeon Forge at The Island. There’s food for when you want something savory, and plenty of places to grab something sweet. Check out these top 5 snack places to eat in Pigeon Forge at The Island:

1. Yee Haw Snack Shack

rainbow shaved iceNeed something to cool you off on a hot day? Head to the Yee Haw Snack Shack where you’ll find snow cones in more flavors than you ever thought possible! There’s classic flavors such as strawberry and pina colada. You’ll also find unique flavors like wedding cake and strawberry cheesecake. You can also get hot dogs, chili fries, and chili pies. Grab a cold soda to go with your snack or a root beer float. Yee Haw Snack Shack also serves frozen bananas and oreo churros if you want something sweet!

2. Poynor’s Pomme Frites

Want to try something unique and savory? Go to Poynor’s Pomme Frites! You can try authentic German bratwurst in a variety of meats and flavors. You’ll definitely want to try the Belgium fries though. Get a regular just for you or a large to share. Having your fries covered in cheese and toppings would be the perfect snack, but Poynor’s has a variety of dipping sauces you might want to try. Try the creamy garlic, peppercorn ranch, horseradish sauce, or the original frites sauce. No matter what you choose to try, you’ll love it!

3. Kapop! Gourmet Popcorn

buttery popcornIf popcorn is your go-to snack of choice, then you have to grab a bag of it from Kapop! Gourmet Popcorn. This snack place to eat in Pigeon Forge at The Island has a variety of flavors. Get the classic buttery popcorn you know and love, or grab something sweet like caramel corn. Feeling adventurous? Get a unique flavor such as dill pickle or bacon! Kapop! also serves drinks, packaged snacks, and popcorn related items.

4. Island Yogurt

Need something cool and sweet? The Island Yogurt shop has the perfect snack for you! This frozen yogurt shop has over 18 flavors you can choose from. You can even swirl some of them for an ultimate flavor! Island Yogurt also offers non-dairy, sugar free, low fat, and fat free yogurt options to accommodate everyone. You also get to choose from over 50 toppings, such as fresh fruit, cookie pieces, candy, and more! Everyone will want to come back to Island Yogurt!

5. Auntie Anne’s

soft pretzels with cheese sauceIf your group is split on something savory or sweet, take everyone to Auntie Anne’s! The most popular snack here is the pretzel nuggets; get the original with cheese sauce, pepperoni, or cinnamon sugar. Regular size pretzels come in original, cinnamon sugar, sweet almond, sour cream and onion, garlic parmesan, pepperoni, jalapeño, and raisins. You can even get a hotdog wrapped in a pretzel! Choose from a variety of sweet or savory dips to pair with your pretzel, and you’ve got the perfect snack!

Now you know about the perfect snack places to eat in Pigeon Forge at The Island! Are you wondering what else you should do while you stay with us? Check out this area information to find some other fun activities you won’t want to miss!

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