Top 3 Dinner Shows in Pigeon Forge You Should See

exterior of hatfield and mccoy dinner show theater with an old truck
Oct 04, 2019

When you stay with us in Pigeon Forge, you have to see the dinner shows! You’ll get a great meal and entertainment at the same time. Plus, there’s a wide variety when it comes to the show. Here are the top 3 dinner shows in Pigeon Forge you should see:

1. Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show

pirates voyage signGet a night away from the Smokies when you go to the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show in Pigeon Forge. Captain Blackbeard and quartermaster Calico Jack lead the crews of the Crimson and the Sapphire into battle on deck, land, and sea. Watch the crews fight against each other, dive into the water where the boats are, and do acrobatic stunts. They also do fire juggling, and you’ll even see mermaids and tropical animals throughout the show. The whole show is an adventure, and everyone from small kids to older adults will enjoy it. While you watch the pirates, you will get to eat a biscuit, soup, fried chicken, pork chop, mac and cheese, sweet potato souffle, and a peach turnover with your choice of drink. Gluten free and vegetarian menus are available upon request when you reserve your tickets. There’s also a cool activity you can do for your kids before the show starts called Pirates Treasure. Your kids will have their faces painted like a mermaid or a pirate and get some accessories they can use during the show.

2. Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud

Everyone knows about the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Watch their feud onstage at the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud. Your whole group will find the comedy acts and antics funny while these two families argue. You will get to see dancers and singers perform in the back country mountain setting. Plus, there are feats of strength and crazy stunts you’ll get to watch while you’re there. While all this is going on, you also get to enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal. It includes fried chicken, pulled pork, creamy soup, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, bread, coleslaw, and dessert. Hatfield and McCoy also has gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options available upon request.

3. Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Show

great smoky mountain murder mystery dinner theater logoDo you enjoy a good mystery? If you do, then you need to go to the Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Show. Throughout the week, you can experience multiple mystery shows. You could see The Killbillies, which is a take on the Beverly Hillbillies where Uncle Jed, Granny, Mae, and Jethro come back to Tennessee from California. There’s a wedding and a lot of mystery! Moonshine Murders is about a family who wants to potentially sell their moonshine recipe the same night there’s a concert being put on by Elvis. Who Shot the Sheriff is a western musical comedy murder mystery that will have you laughing and gasping from shock the whole show. The audience is encouraged to participate as much as they want, but you don’t have to! While you are along for the ride to see who kills whom, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal. Choose from broccoli and cheese, loaded potato, or vegetable soup. Then you’ll have fried chicken, gravy, pork loin, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, and cheesecake. This dinner show in Pigeon Forge also offers dairy free, gluten free, diabetic, vegan, and vegetarian meals upon request.

You’ll have a blast watching the dinner shows in Pigeon Forge! Wondering what else you can do while you stay with us? Check out these other great Pigeon Forge attractions!

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